Fuente de Canaletas

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The Canaletas Fountain (in Catalan, Font de Canaletes) is a  fountain-lamppost in Barcelona that is one of the emblematic places of the city where Soccer Club Barcelona fans celebrate their successes. It is located on the section of La Rambla called the Rambla de Canaletas, the first one descending from Plaza de Cataluña.

The original source came from a deposit located in the San Severo Tower of the old medieval wall, which supplied the area of ​​La Rambla and El Raval, which dates back to the 18th century. It had a cistern that already received the name of Canaletas, perhaps due to the multiple channels that from here provided various sources in the area. With the demolition of the walls in the 19th century the old fountain disappeared, when the tower was demolished in 1862, and two provisional iron fountains were installed in its place. In 1888 the Barcelona City Council agreed to replace it with another definitive source, in the set of a project of four fountains-lampposts located in various parts of the city, a project that was commissioned by Pere Falqués. The project was subsequently expanded to fourteen sources, awarded to Jaume Rodelles. Canaletas was built in 1892.1

Made of cast iron, the fountain has a circular base on which stands a cup-shaped structure with four taps that pour water over four circular basins; Above this cup stands a column topped by four lampposts. 2 The other fountains were placed in various parts of the city, such as the Portal del Ángel, the Calle Mayor de Gracia, the Plaza de San Agustín Viejo, the Ronda de San Pablo , the Gran Vía with Pau Claris, the Plaza del Surtidor, the Plaza de la Barceloneta, the Gran Vía with the Rambla de Cataluña (Queen Victoria Gardens), the Calle Mayor de San Andrés, the Plaza de San Miguel, the Plaza de Santes Creus, Plaza del Fénix, Avenida de Esplugues, Calle de San Adrián, Plaza de la Infancia and Vía Trajana.3 Some of them have already disappeared, such as Portal de Santa Madrona / Montserrat and the plaza of Tetuán. 4

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