Schloss Nymphenburg Garten München


The Nymphenburg Palace Park is one of the largest and most important garden works of art in Germany. It forms a unit with the Nymphenburg Palace and the park castles. The facility is located in the west of Munich in the Neuhausen-Nymphenburg district named after the castle on the border to Pasing-Obermenzing. The park is listed as a garden work of art and is a protected landscape area. Almost its entire area is also registered as a Natura2000 area.

View from the garden-side staircase of the Nymphenburg Palace to the west on the ground floor with the fountain, behind it the middle channel.
The artful combination of formal garden and landscape park is considered a masterpiece of garden art and makes the entire complex of castle and park a much-visited attraction. It is bordered on its eastern side facing the city by the Nymphenburg Palace with the upstream palace circular. From all other sides it is largely enclosed by the historic garden wall. To the north is the Botanical Garden and beyond it, beyond Menzinger Straße, the Kapuzinerhölzl.

The French gardens at Vaux-le-Vicomte and Versailles were models for the original baroque garden. The current shape is the result of the fundamental redesign by Friedrich Ludwig Sckell from 1799. The park within the garden wall has a size of 180 hectares, the area of ​​the entire complex is 229 hectares.

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In the picture, the area around the Fountain.
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