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Ida Schumacher (born March 5, 1894 in Arnstorf, Lower Bavaria as Ida Stömmer ("Stömer" appears in the baptismal register, but the name Stömmer is written in older entries); † April 6, 1956 in Gauting) was a Bavarian theater actress and comedian. [ 1]

Born in Arnstorf in Lower Bavaria in 1894, Ida Schumacher was discovered at the age of thirteen for the choir of the Munich Art Theater. She later studied singing, but lost her voice in 1930 after a severe cold and developed a vocal cord paralysis, the consequence of which was her later trademark, the hoarse, squashed voice. After several engagements at different theaters, she made an unprecedented late career as "Ratschkathl" between 1949 and 1956 and was successful as a folk actress at theaters in Nuremberg, Tegernsee and at Platzl in Munich.

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